Favourites | January 2017


Beating the winter blues can be quite tough. Early mornings, everything is cold, dark and rainy, resulting in being forever tired and having a bad mood. It’s like a cloud full of negativity surrounding us. Sounds familiar?
Here’s the good news: Firstly, seasons change. Secondly, positivity comes from within. Have you ever just stopped to take a moment and appreciate all the things you have in your life? And by things, meaning intangible things? Here is my little twist of a (non-materialistic) January favourites that will hopefully give inspiration on some lessons and experiences that are worth appreciating more than that new dress you’ve just seen in the Zara store window.

Like-minded people.
I am overly grateful to be surrounded by so many inspiring and like-minded people that challenge, push and support me at the same time. Were it not for them, I wouldn’t have gone to the gym as often, spent productive hours on end doing work in the library, tried new restaurants and cafés, worked on extra projects, done more reading, remained calm instead of overthinking things too much and so many more things. Working on yourself does not actually mean that you have to work on yourself alone.

Believe it or not, help and support can be found everywhere. All you have to do is to reach out to people. Be it your family, friends, tutors or even strangers. I am especially grateful for all the support and positivity I have received from the sustainable fashion community regarding my research project. Getting the right people involved in your plans will always take you much further than working on your own and keep you inspired.

Movie: LaLa Land.
Not being the biggest fan of cheesy movies, I was a tiny bit sceptical about LaLa Land but I still wanted to give it a go. And I wasn’t disappointed. *Spoiler* It perfectly captures how you should follow your passions, how hard it can be to be successful and fulfil your dreams but that it is absolutely worth it, how people can love each other without being in a relationship, how your actions determine how things will play out but that happiness can be found either way. And not to mention the beautiful dresses Emma Stone gets to wear!

Book: No Mud No Lotus.
This is the first book I have read by Thich Ninh Hanh but it will probably not be the last. I actually bought it about half a year ago but it honestly wasn’t the right time to read it back then. But since January brought quite a few struggles and challenges, this has been more than helpful to infuse a little positivity and mindfulness into what seemed like chaotic thoughts.

Music: El Tango de Roxanne.
Admittedly, not a new song nor a new favourite. I have liked this song since the first time I heard it when watching Moulin Rouge. But learning a burlesque routine to this song made it one of my favourites for the month. Tango! Violins! Drama! It is such a passionate and powerful song and most of the most intense scenes in the entire movie.

Events: The Pretty Reckless. 
Seeing Taylor Momsen live had been on my bucket list for such a long time and now I can finally cross it out. As I much preferred her old songs over her new ones I was more than happy to hear a mix of both. I am deeply admiring her for following her passion for rock/alternative music and simply doing her own thing, although everyone will forever remember her for being Jenny in Gossip Girl.


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