Favourites | February 2017

February Favourites.jpg

February. A slightly shorter month but definitely not short in events. With the regular ups and downs but also more or less major changes, my main lesson learned within those 28 days was definitely to appreciate the good times and being ready to just let go if you have to. Things happen and things change but life goes on and it is up to yourself how you carry yourself through those events. And it’s equally as important to remember that it’s fine to allow yourself to have some bad days as long as you keep a positive attitude in the back of your mind. Nevertheless, here is my twist on some February Favourites:

It’s no secret how much I adore burlesque. If anyone has missed the little love letter I have dedicated to this beautiful art form, feel free to have a look here. In February, I had the opportunity to perform once again with my beloved Trent Tigerlillies for a charity event to raise money for the John Van Geese Foundation. Although performing is still a bit daunting, it always turns out to be fun and definitely gives your body confidence a boost.

Coffee Dates.
February was such a cold month, with endless hours spent in the library due to all the university deadlines. It can be hard to stay motivated when it looks like there is no end in sight. That’s why I’ve appreciated the little study and coffee dates I’ve had with my friends. Sometimes, that is all you need to be motivated and have a little laugh here and there. Even in stressful times it’s important to be kind to yourself and allow a little treat to keep you sane and going.

Book: The Life changing Magic of Tidying up.
Instead of listening to music while working out in the gym, I have swapped my beloved tunes for some audiobooks. As ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up’ has gained a lot of popularity within the minimalism community, I’ve decided to give it a go. I must honestly admit that I was slightly surprised about the book as I was expecting a rather practical non-fiction book. Although I wasn’t able to fully connect with the author, I was very pleased to read about her passions and life which turned out to be quite inspiring. As the title suggests, the book evolves about decluttering and the positive effects it can have on your outlook and life. A little review will follow soon but I do recommend the book to anyone who is looking for some food-for-thought or is interested in minimalism.

Getting closer to a goal: Sustainability project.
Over the past few months, me and my friend Anna have been working on a sustainability project proposal to address the textiles waste that is generated in our university. Very fortunately, our project proposal got accepted and we will even receive some funding to work on the project’s realisation. We are partnering up with a local independent business and we are currently working with our university’s Environment and Waste Management Team to figure out the next steps. We are excited to officially start and share the project very soon!

Travel: London Trips.
Lucky me got to head down to London twice this month. Firstly, I was fortunate enough to spend Valentine’s Day down in London, visiting the Pure Trade Show with my university course. Not only was it great to be in a professional environment but also to talk and meet many new (sustainable) brands I hadn’t heard of. Plus, the catwalks and talks were very helpful and interesting.
Secondly, one of my month’s highlights was definitely to watch a show at the London Cabaret Club during a weekend trip with my burlesque society. We were even lucky enough to get a little cha-cha lesson with two of the dancers before the show started. All the dancers, singers and costumes were absolutely marvellous. Definitely a show worth visiting and remembering.


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