Favourites | March 2017

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Finally, we are approaching the warmer months of the year. Whereas the beginning was still cold and dark, the second half of March was much more positive and lively. Maybe this ‘split’ is the reason why March has felt like such a long month. Another reason is simply that much has happened. And in busy times like these it’s more than important to occasionally stop for a minute and be an observer of things, be it your environment, friends or even your own thoughts. Being mindful is such an important part of eliminating all negativity that is surrounding you and introducing more positivity and happiness. Currently sitting on a train from Paris home to Germany while typing this, I am sharing my March favourites with you:

Guest Lectures
This month, I was lucky enough to attend two amazingly inspiring guest lectures at my university. The first one being by Paul Gorman, who is such a creative individual with impressive works in journalism.
The second guest lecture I’ve got to attend was by Orsola De Castro, one of the founders of Fashion Revolution. Her lecture was a great reminder how sustainable fashion is a collective goal and the importance of everyone working together.
It’s things like these, individuals from the industry, that talk about their life and share their experiences that motivate and inspire you and give you a little push and reminder why you are doing what you are doing.

Trying new things: Boxing Fitness
Stepping out of your comfort zone is challenging but always, always worth it. It’s easier said than done but it really pays off to try something new. And that’s why I’ve done last month – I’ve joined a boxing fitness class. And although I was deeply terrified before the first session, it has now become one of my new favourite things. I have never been a fan of any kind of fights and have rather done things like yoga and dance but learning combinations and getting to work with gloves and pads is a lot of fun. It even goes to the point that you forget that you are working out until you wake up the next morning with an aching body. Even if I hadn’t liked it, at least I would have known. That is the beauty of trying new things, you have absolutely no obligation to commit and there are zero expectations or the pressure of being good.

Hard Work paying off: Launch of Sustainability Diaries and receiving a First for Research Report
When you are very passionate about something you naturally have a lot of motivation to work as hard as you can. This is how I feel about sustainable fashion. No amount of people telling me that no one cares about sustainability could ever stop me from pursuing something that I truly believe in. But then there are those little moments when you even receive some acknowledgement for all the long hours of work you have put in and see things change for the better, that is when everything starts to feel fulfilling. Hard work paying off gives you a lot of energy and positivity to reach a goal. Read more about Sustainability Diaries here.

Song: Liability by Lorde, Cover by Alice Kristiansen
The truth is, I am a toy that people enjoy,
Until all of the tricks don’t work anymore,
And then they get bored of me
So they pull back, make other plans, I understand,
I’m a liability,
Get you wild, make you leave,
I’m a little much for everyone
They’re gonna watch me disappear into the sun.

Happiness doesn’t always have to be limited to upbeat tunes boasting about how great life is. Sometimes, listening to those happy songs can feel more depressive than mellow melodies and lyrics that come and directly go to your heart. There is beauty in sadness because it’s something human that can create a deep connection. Liability is such a heart-breakingly beautiful song that I have been listening to and covering pretty much non-stop. As much as I love the original by Lorde, the simple piano cover by Alice has to be one of my favourites!


Reads: Thought Catalog
I have always been quite a reflective person that likes to know about other people’s experiences and thoughts, especially when it comes to quite deep and thought-provoking topics. There is always that ‘norm’ and ‘perfect life’, not to say ‘normal life’ that society dictates. Observing that not everyone is like that is very consolidating. That is how I feel about Thought Catalog, a little haven for writers of all sorts who share their thoughts and show that life is not perfect and that it is okay to not be okay sometimes. But also, that life is about you, about your actions, your outlook and that you are the one who is in charge of what turns your life might take even if you can’t influence it all. Positivity is the key to happiness. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

20 Ways You Are Ruining Your Life In Your 20’s
Learn From La La Land and Choose the Life You Want to Live
Here’s to all the Girls Who’d rather Catch Flights than Feelings
Be The One Who Stays
Giving Up Is Not Always Cowardly, It’s Also Courageous





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